Ambrosia Cigars

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During his world travels in search of tobacco, our master cigar maker learned firsthand of exotic spices that a few remote, indigenous cultures add to their smoking leaf. After two years of experimental blending of these rare spices and traditional cigar tobaccos, the Ambrosia cigar line was born.


Highly aromatic and wonderfully spicy! Obey the spice god!


This sweet & spicy cigar may not be for everyone but everyone sure loves it!

5 pack or Full box of 24 

cloves packed 10 per box

NECTAR – We sat on top of Morro Rock and chilled for a while, blazing our Nectar, watching the newbie’s crash & burn in the reef break. 

VAN REEF – We lit up our Van Reef to let the crowds at Steamers Lane know we meant business. This stick is the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

SPICE – The appropriately named Spice lives up to all the hype just like the break down at Punta Rosarito. Aromatic plumes of smoke will compete with the campfire and fill your thoughts with glassy tubes. Spice is cedary and full bodied, and perfect for end of day reflections.

MOTHER EARTH – Thank you Mother Earth for your divine beauty and endless gifts.

TRIPLE CORONA – Triple Corona is the only stick you’ll need for a day like 100 ft Wednesday. With its’ spiced rum, wine & rich Nicaraguan tobaccos create a most complex & full bodied smoke. Yeah, sometimes it is best to sit ashore and watch Maverick’s intimidating, awe inspiring power.

CLOVE TIKIS – A tin full of Clove Tikis is your saving grace. Aromatic & wonderfully spicy. It is the ultimate clove smoking experience. Packed 10 per full box