Padron Cigar's

The legendary José Orlando Padrón founded the now famous Padrón Cigars in 1964.  Jose is a Cuban born refugee that comes from a family of tobacco workers.

José Padrón was forced to move from his homeland in 1961 at age 35 after the Revolution when Fidel Castro nationalized his families tobacco farms. Settling 90 miles away, in Miami José found himself virtually penniless, but shortly after arriving, he received a gift from a friend that turned his life around, a hammer.  This one item allowed José to start a career as a carpenter and save $600.00 to open a factory to make great cigars, like the ones he used to smoke in Cuba. Three years later, his dream came true.

For many years, Padrón sold his cigars to the locals, but from the moment he opened his doors, he spent quite a bit of time trying to refine the whole process from seed to stick. Over the last few decades, with the help of his family and skilled artisans, Padrón has developed a proprietary system for producing quality cigars using tobacco grown exclusively on their own farm in Nicaragua. Today, they are in charge of every step of the cultivation process. That includes everything from the selection and planting of the tobacco seeds, to the final quality control inspections.