Rollers Blend Super Ligero

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Rollers Blend Super Ligero

The Rollers Blend Super Ligero showcases the true essence of a full-bodied cigar. From the first draw to the last puff, it promises an intense and invigorating journey for the senses. Each element of the blend has been carefully selected to create a harmonic symphony of flavors, providing a well-balanced and complex profile that unfolds with every puff.


The core of this beautiful cigar lies within its combination of specially chosen long filler tobaccos. Hand-picked from the finest tobacco regions in Nicaragua, the tobacco leaves are meticulously aged and fermented, allowing the flavors to mature and deepen over time. The result is a blend that entices with its strong, yet refined characteristics.



To enhance the exceptional smoking experience of this beautiful cigar, this masterpiece showcases a closed foot and a meticulously crafted pigtail. The closed foot delights the senses as it combines the flavors of the wrapper and binder right from the start. As you ignite the cigar, the closed foot creates a burst of intense flavors, heightening your anticipation for the journey ahead. 



The pigtail a twisted and coiled extension of the wrapper leaf, adds a touch of character and finesse to the overall presentation. It not only serves as an eye-catching feature but also doubles as a convenient method for an effortless cut. With every detail meticulously thought out, the addition of the closed foot and pigtail enhances the overall experience, making the Rollers Blend Super Ligero even more captivating and memorable.


With the Rollers Blend Super Ligero, expect a bold and robust flavor profile. Earthy and peppery notes dance harmoniously with hints of dark chocolate, espresso, and subtle wood undertones. The pleasure of each puff is the culmination of masterful blending and expert construction, ensuring a consistent draw and an even burn throughout.




Upon receiving your Rollers Blend Super Ligero Cigars, you'll discover that they arrive with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each cigar is thoughtfully wrapped in a layer of newspaper, not only to preserve and protect its exquisite flavors but also to add a touch of nostalgia and charm to the overall presentation. This traditional method of packaging pays homage to the roots of cigar culture and adds an air of anticipation as you unwrap your prized cigar. The newspaper wrapping ensures that your cigar arrives in pristine condition, ready to be savored and enjoyed at its finest. It's a small but meaningful touch that showcases the dedication and commitment of the craftsmen behind the Rollers Blend Super Ligero, ensuring that every aspect of your cigar experience is truly exceptional.

Temporarily only Available in 5 Packs 

Vitola Traditional Behike 6 1/2 x 56 

Closed Foot

Pigtail Cap


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